Counselling support is available for any young person to access if they need someone impartial to talk to.

Counselling is being able to listen to someone’s problems without being judgmental, that is, not offering their own opinion, or making the student feel badly about any issues which they have disclosed. Sessions usually last about 50 minutes and are over a mutually agreed number of sessions. A student might feel that he / she only needs one, or perhaps, two sessions, it’s their decision.

Sixth Form
Sixth form students can contact Mrs Potter directly to request counselling sessions, or they can be referred by their tutor, or Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Jackson.
Contact: Phone: 01642 310561 ext. 176

There is also a weekly Sixth Form Drop-In Service in SGR2 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm. This drop-in session is available to all sixth form students.

* Sessions are confidential unless a student discloses something which would impact on their safety, or the safety of someone that they have discussed during the counselling session. In this instance, Mrs Potter will inform the student of the steps she will take to share the information with the appropriate professionals in order to safeguard that individual.