Student Librarian Awards – May 2017

Sometimes it’s nice to believe in magic. During the day, it is impossible to see (unless you know where to look) the library fairies sleeping in the darkest corners of our library. They do not stir until the students have gone home and the sun has been replaced by the moon. Then the library comes to life.

Space2Earth Challenge

We were delighted to have the British Triathlon Association organising an event at Nunthorpe Academy on Monday 13th March. Students undertaking PE lessons undertook a challenge based lesson.

Year 7 Harvey wins Teesside Reading Heroes competition!

What a wonderful start to the year! The library was cram-packed with exciting new books after a very busy year last year obtaining funds and stocking shelves. In addition many teachers, parents and students have been donating books throughout the year which have also been added to the shelves.

Our Student Librarians receive recognition at awards evening

After most students have finished a full day’s schooling and ambled home, something happens in the library that they are completely unaware of: a team of dedicated student librarians scurry about busily adding new books to the system and putting them on shelves; organising existing books back into their proper order; filling up magazine racks and creating attractive displays.

North East Schools Teaching Allliance – January 2016 Update

The first cohort of North East Schools Teaching Allliance trainees is now well underway and all are making excellent progress. Four Secondary trainees are working at Nunthorpe Academy in English, Maths, Geography and History and three Primary trainees are in Nunthorpe, Ormesby and Skelton Primaries.

Nunthorpe Academy proudly supporting Armistice Day

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