The 2 Steves Author Visit – May 2017

Fun, inspiring, informative. If there’s one thing our Year 7s learnt from these hilarious authors, it is that the number 3 is a magic number – especially in stories. But of course they didn’t learn just one thing – they learned far more. The whole of Year 7 were visited by The2Steves, who entertained them […]

Student Librarian Awards – May 2017

Sometimes it’s nice to believe in magic. During the day, it is impossible to see (unless you know where to look) the library fairies sleeping in the darkest corners of our library. They do not stir until the students have gone home and the sun has been replaced by the moon. Then the library comes to life.

Space2Earth Challenge

We were delighted to have the British Triathlon Association organising an event at Nunthorpe Academy on Monday 13th March. Students undertaking PE lessons undertook a challenge based lesson.