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Message from the Head of School – Mrs Kate Kell

Message from Assistant Vice Principal for Inclusion – Mrs Benita Shaw

You can view the SEND Information Report mentioned in this video here: SEND Information Report.

Message from Year 7 Progress Leader – Mrs Julie Thomas

Parent Information Pack 2020

You can view our helpful Parent Information pack here: Parent Information Pack – PDF – 1Mb.

Uniform Expectations

At Nunthorpe Academy, our uniform is essential part of our identity. It ensures students are ready, respectful and safe.


Students should wear plain white shirt/blouses with a collar and which can be tucked into trousers/skirts. Short sleeve shirts are acceptable.


Trousers should be plain grey, tailor effect and are acceptable for boys and girls.


Skirts should be plain grey and fall just above the knee. They should be made of appropriate material. We don’t not accept short, stretchy, lycra-based skirts or skirts with splits.


Shoes must be plain black without any coloured buckles or stitching. The must be a shoe, we do not accept any sports-brands, trainers, heeled or boots.


Top buttons on shirts should be fastened at all times and students must wear the ties that is linked to their house/year group. Triumph (Blue), Invincible (Red), Endeavour (Green), Valiant (Orange) and Victory (Yellow).

If you are unsure whether what you plan to but is acceptable then please check the school website for our Uniform and Equipment policy or email the transition lead Mrs Julie Thomas –

Restrictions due to Covid-19 (Risk Assessment)

You can view the latest copy of our Risk Assessment on the academy website here: NMAT Trust Risk Assessment.


You can view the latest OFSTED Report on the academy website here: OFSTED Reports.

Parent Tips for Transition – Supporting the Transition to Secondary School


Transition to secondary school is a major milestone for children. Due to Covid-19, school may be more restricted in what they can offer to support transition, which might add to the anxiety children and parents may already be feeling.

Make time to talk

This is a big change and your child might have lots of different feelings about moving school. They might be excited but also have worries about what secondary school will be like. They may feel a sense of loss and worry about missing their old school, teachers and friends. Speak to your child, give them the opportunity to talk about their feelings and ask questions.

Saying goodbye

Create a memory book with your child to help them capture all the things they have enjoyed about primary school. Think about how to celebrate the ending. Find out what your child’s primary school are doing to say goodbye the Year 6 students.

Independence Skills

Before and during the holidays practise skills such as:

  • Travelling to and from school – this will help to know what time they need to set off on a morning;
  • Using money;
  • Making a packed lunch;
  • Packing their school pack.

New School Environment

Visit the school website, find out about the curriculum and the pastoral structure. Watch the virtual tour, how does the school day look. Find out what extra-curricular activities are available.

Connecting with new staff

Look at the pictures or welcome videos from the staff so some faces will be familiar in September. Key people, Head of school, Pastoral Managers and Y7 progress leader. Think about what information staff may need to know about your child.

Further Resources

Message from students – What do our students think about Nunthorpe?

What Curriculum is available for my child?

You can view all of the subjects that we offer at the academy here along with all of the Curriculum Plans: Subjects | Nunthorpe Academy.

What extra curricular activities have been available?

You can view the images of some of our extra curricular activities in our Photo Galleries here: Photo Galleries | Nunthorpe Academy.